Top Kat Events Ltd Terms & Conditions 2021

Top Kat Events Ltd in these terms and conditions are called the “Event/Challenge Organisers”

These terms and conditions apply to all participants who register to take part in an event or challenge organised by Top Kat Events Ltd. In these terms and conditions participants will also be referred to as “you”.



  • By registering for this Event/Challenge you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  • The registration fee must be paid at the time of registration. Top Kat Events Ltd have a no refund policy.
  • All entries are non-transferable between individuals unless specifically agreed with Top Kat Events Ltd.
  • Participants with any COVID-19 symptoms should not take part in the Challenge until they have completed Self Isolation and have been signed off as medically fit post illness.
  • Entrants have a responsibility to ensure they are fit enough to complete the Challenge.
  • The Event/Challenge Organiser cannot be held liable in the event of an entrant or persons known to the entrant contracting COVID-19 in association with this event.
  • Children, under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • If any details provided by you on your registration form change you must notify Top Kat Events Ltd immediately by emailing [email protected]
  • The Event Organisers reserve the right to cancel your participation in the event if any information provided by you is found to be inaccurate.
  • You are responsible for taking out suitable personal insurance cover for your participation in the Challenge.
  • You agree that you participate in the event at your own risk, the Event/Challenge Organisers cannot be liable for any personal injury sustained by you in any way or loss or damage to any personal property as a result of your participation in the Challenge.
  • You agree to photographs and video shared on our Facebook Group – Chesterfield 42k Challenge may be used by the Event/Challenge Organisers in any media regarding the event and to market and advertise the event or any other similar events.

Challenge Specific

  • You must abide by the current Covid-19 social distancing rules.
  • Be considerate and give way to other people, you can always complete a route again if you get slowed down for any reason.
  • Say hello, smile or wave at everyone you pass, at times like this you could be the only person someone has seen that day.
  • Leave only footprints, take your litter home.
  • Ensure you have a means of contacting someone should you need assistance or get lost.
  • We recommend letting someone know your intended route and approximate time to expect your return, many ‘apps’ have tracking systems which can be shared with family or friends.
  • All of the trail routes have sections which get extremely muddy and slippery in wet conditions, these may also become rutted in the warmer weather – take care.
  • If you are new to trail running buddying up can be helpful – our best advise is to keep your eyes on the path while running and take a break when you want to enjoy the view!
  • If you are a racing snake and want to smash out a super speedy time, we suggest you complete the route a couple of times before putting the hammer down, most routes have road crossings, make sure you keep aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, we advise using bone conducting headphones only.
  • If this Challenge wasn’t great enough, it gets better, you don’t have to do anything in horrible weather! We suggest being aware of the forecast and avoid any days with extreme heat, cold or wet weather.
  • Always take a warm layer with you, especially on the more isolated trail routes, carrying some water may also be advisable.
  • If you haven’t undertaken any exercise for a while or have been ill, especially with any respiratory problems it is wise to check with you Doctor before undertaking any kind of activity.
  • You are responsible for entering your own results