The Bitesize Marathon

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 7 Great Routes

Road, Trail & Mixed Terrain

Run, Walk, Jog or ‘Jeff’

Turn by turn navigation via smart phone

Complete in any order by 31st Dec 21

Take part on your own or with family or friends (four legged as well)

Complete all 7 Routes (in any order) to be awarded your medal 

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What do I need to take part?

A pair of trainers and a smart phone!

Suitable for 8 years +

U15’s will need an adult buddy

That’s it, you can take on the challenge

Get outside, explore Chesterfield


How does it work?

Socially Distanced but still Social


We can’t be with you on the route, but we are rooting for you!

Join our Facebook Group Chesterfield 42k Challenge – The Bitesized Marathon  and share your stories, pictures and route updates

We will also have spot prizes for the photos that make us laugh or smile the most! Share your triumphs and tribulations, we especially love pictures of your four legged running buddies


Our routes have been designed to give you a varied experience, we have several road runs, which showcase the centre of Chesterfield as well as crisscrossing through the green areas dotted around our town. We also have 2 full trail runs and a couple of mixed terrain routes. 

Eye Spy 6K Mixed Terrain

Starting from The Avenue Country Park, this is an undulating route which includes gravel tracks, road sections and of course some mud. This is a route to keep your eyes open and really take in your surroundings. The more you look, the more you will see, with great views of the Crooked Spire, the Town Hall and other Landmarks.

Reservoir Slogs 6.5k Trail

Beginning in Holmbrook Valley Park, this trail run heads out of the park towards Cutthorpe. You’ll then drop down towards Kitchenflat Woods and down towards the Resevoirs. Far from being a slog, this run will be interesting anytime of the year – fun in the mud, magical in the spring with the Bluebells and simply stunning in full bloom.

Tramping Feet 10k Trail

Starting from Poolsbrook Country Park, we do a quick loop north of Erin Road and then head south back into Poolsbrook Park, skirting the smaller pond and then out of park up towards Duckmanton. It’s a steady climb (with one patch of epic mud in winter). At the 3k mark you turn for the only road section, a quick downhill followed by a steady run back towards the Park. This trail run is through open country with wide views of the surrounding area, look out for the wind turbine and solar panels, a real change from the Colliery roots of Poolsbrook Country Park.

Peacock Parade 5k Mixed Terrain

Starting out in Somersall Park, we follow the Hipper Valley Cycle Way beside the Hipper River, after 1k we leave the ducks behind us and make the most of the undulating road sections, as you head back towards the park keep an eye out for the Peacocks of Somersall Hall roaming free. Apparently they have wandered this area for the last 45 years. We love a good selfie with the Peacocks!

Sneaky Peak 4.5k Trail

This route takes you around the outside of the much anticipated Peak Resort.  Starting out on a gravel track with a gradually increasing incline, running, hiking or stopping for a rest are all acceptable, it does get a bit steep! As you turn off the main gravel path you will enter the wooded area, it has some steps and wooden pathways, which can get a bit slippy in the wet. A challenging climb, but the effort is  well rewarded, the 2nd half is a time to let the legs run free, feel like a kid again zooming down the hill!

InSpired 5k Road

Starting out in Queens Park, this is a snappy 5k which will take you through the heart of Chesterfield, past St Mary & All Saints Church and our famed Crooked Spire, through the more residential areas before dropping back down towards the Park. For those who prefer a longer run, this route can easily be combined with ParkTour to make a 10k tour of the centre of Chesterfield.

ParkTour 5k Road

A Perfect route to combine with InSpired if you fancy a longer trip out.  This route takes you around many of the ‘Pocket Parks’ of Chesterfield, you will weave in and out of the built up areas into open spaces which will leave you smiling and enjoying some fabulous views. Look out for the community gardens and orchards as you make your way round.

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